'' The most precious assets are also the most vulnerable ''

CORPGUARD Intelligence, Security and Defense Services

CORPGUARD has been assisting companies in issues impacting their effective operating since 2006.

Its activities are structured around three main poles: corporate security, risk management and defense services.

Through its different human and digital intelligence and investigation services, CORPGUARD provides judicial evidence and high added-value information, enabling its clients to make strategic decisions and reinforce trade secret protection.

Concerning risk management and prevention, CORPGUARD is involved during every stage of its client’s international development, from staff departing up to incident and critical situation management (attacks, kidnapping, hostage situations, disappearance, and medical or security emergency repatriation).

CORPGUARD’s expertize is also called upon by governments and state organizations for operational assistance as part of armed forces and security services reforms, supplying logistic support, technical advisors, tactical and strategical training.

Based in Lyon and Paris, CORPGUARD has reactive and operational intervention capacities and is supported by a network of experts in Europe, Maghreb and West Africa.

CORPGUARD’s methods and code of conduct are defined by its values for every mission it is entrusted with: availability, reactivity, expertize, confidentiality, results.


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