Our Values

CORPGUARD’s values define its methods and course of action for every mission under its responsibility.

  • Availability

    CORPGUARD’s activity consists in anticipating risks, acting on a developing situation or reacting to a threat on behalf of a third party.
    CORPGUARD is specialized in assisting companies in limiting risks and risk management.
    Our teams are renowned experts in their fields of intervention and are experienced in complex situations.
    Our first preoccupation, anchored in our company culture is that of reactivity, availability and customer relationship follow up.
    These postures place human connections at the center of customer/service provider relationships, enabling customized support adapted to the customer’s structure and his stakes.
    CORPGUARD guides customers in their ambitions and develops dynamic customized solutions adapted to each individual case.

  • Expertise

    Since 2006 CORPGUARD has built itself upon the progressive integration of skills and collaborators.
    The close cohesion and high skill level of our teams enables us to propose responsible and added value services.
    Our quality program consists in detecting the risks run by our customers and to take into account environmental impacts to actively participate in an improvement of their situation.In order to preserve our customers’ integrity, we work to protect the company’s economical, informational and human heritage.

  • Confidentiality

    CORPGUARD guarantees absolute protection and confidentiality of all information.
    CORPGUARD is subject to professional secrecy.
    Every member of our staff signs an undertaking of confidentiality.

  • Results

    Here at CORPGUARD we are well aware of the investment our services represent to our customers.
    With each service the Return on Investment is discussed with the customer.
    CORPGUARD guarantees that the utmost is done to meet the required result.
    We take responsibility for the availability of means and we have been able to measure over the past almost ten years that our services are always followed by a Return on Investment judged satisfactory by our customers.
    Taken from intelligence and intelligence cycle methodologies, our operating procedures guarantee our results-oriented culture.

Our Ethics

CORPGUARD is based on values which are common to all its collaborators.
Forged by multiple experiences, the company proposes demanding operating methods with a high ethical level.
This company culture enables CORPGUARD to rely on sustained networks and trust-based relationships with both its customers and specifiers.
In all the countries where CORPGUARD conducts its activities, their employees respect the laws and international conventions.
Our deepest commitment: contribute to our customer’s serenity, to their business environment and their staff’s welfare.
To give the best of ourselves and to increase our involvement, CORPGUARD is a member of several associations and movements. (ASIS, MEDEF (Movement of the Enterprises of France), AMRAE (Risk Management and Company Insurance), ICOCA, RANE (Fixed Asset Inventory and Management), SNARP (National Union for Private Detectives), IACSP (International Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals)).

CORPGUARD was amongst the first 50 companies to sign the International Code for Conduct, as early as 9th December 2010 in Geneva, which today counts 703 signatures (updated Sept 2013).

International Code Of Conduct
+ To find out more visit the ICoC website
+ CORPGUARD, the company’s ethical charter: Our ethical charter