'' Everytime, Everywhere, Be Safe ''

Travel Security

Security of personnel on a foreign mission is now a legal obligation for employers subject to result commitment.

Companies must guarantee its employees security abroad. Professional missions abroad, internationally detached employees, expats, etc.  More than just a simple ethical consideration, today there exists a general security obligation introduced into the Labor Code as well as a commitment to results due to the existence of employment contracts.

In the case of an accident, the employer’s legal responsibility will be called into question and inexcusable conduct will be systematically sought for.

In the face of these legal constraints, CORPGUARD will guide you in your internal operations management.

  • Departure preparation: training, information, building awareness amongst staff
  • Geolocation solution
  • Reception (airport welcome)
  • Escorts (transfers)
  • Travel security (personal protection)
  • Emergency line, crisis cell