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The values that inspire us here at CORPGUARD are much more than simply ethical considerations. They underpin all of our working methods and shape how we approach all of our missions.

Availability, responsiveness and maintaining a close client relationship lie at the heart of our business culture. These values ensure that interpersonal relations are placed at the centre of our dealings with clients and service providers alike.

We offer personalised support that is uniquely tailored to each structure and its challenges.

Our aim is to guide all of our clients in the pursuit of their ambitions and to develop dynamic solutions that meet each particular situation.

Report a breach

CORPGUARD encourages its employees, service providers, clients, partners and any other third parties to report any potential breach of its Code of Ethics as well as any breach of the law.

To ensure that all reports remain anonymous and confidential, CORPGUARD has set up a dedicated email address:

An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent for all reports submitted. Reports will be examined by the Compliance Office, which will do everything possible to maintain confidentiality and prevent any act of reprisal. However, in certain situations, others may need to be informed about all or some aspects of the potential breach reported so that the necessary investigations can be carried out.


CORPGUARD is bound by a duty of professional secrecy. With this in mind, our staff sign a non-disclosure agreement, so we can guarantee total protection and confidentiality for all the information we handle.


CORPGUARD was founded by former Intelligence and Special Forces personnel, and right from the outset, the company has recruited people who are experts in their fields. The professionalism and close cohesion of our teams enables us to offer responsible and added-value services.

Our mission involves identifying the risks faced by our clients and considering the environmental impacts of these risks, so we can help clients to improve their situation. To safeguard the integrity of businesses, we work to protect their economic, information and human assets.


Our operating procedures and day-to-day approach are guided by a set of ethical principles: a responsible attitude to regulations and social contexts, integrity, loyalty and a respect for stakeholders. This is a vital factor in the success of our missions. Thanks to this corporate culture, we can rely on long-established networks and strong relationships with our clients and specifiers, based on trust. In all the countries we operate in, our employees obey the laws in force and international agreements.


We recognise that our services represent a significant investment for our clients, and we therefore work closely with them to maximise their return on investment (ROI) for each service provided.

Our operating procedures are drawn from different methodologies from the world of intelligence and the intelligence cycle, and they enable us to sustain our results-orientated culture. So, for more than 10 years now, we have committed ourselves to providing the resources necessary to achieve objectives based on results and to deliver total satisfaction to our clients.

On 9 November 2010, in Geneva, CORPGUARD was one of the first 50 private security companies to sign the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers (ICoC), which currently has 703 signatories.