Assistance with negotiations and ransom payments in a Maghreb country

Client profile: a global UK-based industrial group triggered its “Special Risks” insurance policy in relation to one of its employees who was taken hostage in a Maghreb country during the Arab Spring.

Context: in view of its robust local networks and negotiating skills in crisis situations, CORPGUARD was commissioned to act as interface with the intermediaries, negotiate with the kidnappers and find a secure solution for releasing the hostage.

CORPGUARD solution implemented on the client’s behalf:

provision of operational support and deployment of the rapid response team.

CORPGUARD quickly secured the first piece of information that is crucial in a hostage situation: gaining proof that the hostage was still alive. Once contact had been established with the hostage-takers, CORPGUARD liaised with them, passing on messages at regular intervals, and receiving in return credible information on the hostage’s state of health.

The negotiations resulted in various land and sea rescue scenarios involving procedures organised by CORPGUARD’s teams.

Return on investment and results:

CORPGUARD’s teams, in collaboration with the various stakeholders involved, were able to meet the kidnappers’ demands and organise the hostage’s safe exchange and repatriation after many weeks of detention.