Enquêtes de pré-embauche

Background checks on new recruits

What if, during the recruitment process, you harbour doubts regarding the truthfulness of the information contained in certain applicants’ CVs? We can perform background checks to help prevent any risk of inappropriate recruitment.

In France, more than 75% of CVs contain some erroneous or falsified information. Yet more than two in three companies do not check the accuracy of the information submitted to them by applicants. As an employer, you are entitled, under the law of 31 December 1992, to check the information contained in applications submitted to you.

Checking an applicant’s CV: your right and your responsibility

Whatever industry you operate in, the size of your company or the vacant posts on offer, it is your responsibility and in your interests to perform an in-depth check on an applicant’s previous history, before inviting them to join your team. Any new arrival will have access to strategic and confidential data, and will be in direct contact with your clients and suppliers.
What’s more, dismissing an employee, even on the grounds of exaggerated or false claims in their CV (diplomas obtained, nature of posts previously held, status within the organisation of previous employers, etc.) may mean having to pay redundancy money representing up to one year’s salary.
In an ever more competitive business environment, this is a major challenge for your company.

Background checks: how they work

Background checks are a tool to assist the decision-making process, and can eliminate the risk of recruiting an inappropriate applicant, who might in the future undermine the company’s reputation, long-term stability, security environment or social harmony.
At your request, our experts will perform comprehensive background checks and examine applicants’ previous career history.