CORPGUARD’s Director David Hornus elected to the ICoCA’s Board of Directors

At the last General Assembly of the International Code of Conduct Association, which was held in Geneva on 20 and 21 November 2019, CORPGUARD’s director was elected to the Board of Directors. This election as Industry Board Director representing UK/Europe is effective immediately and for a period of three years.

The ICoCA members include 7 States, about a hundred private security companies and 34 civil society organizations. The purpose of the Association is “to promote, govern and oversee implementation of the International Code of Conduct and to promote the responsible provision of security services and respect for human rights and national and international law in accordance with the Code”. In this regard, the ICoCA recently adopted a five-year Strategic Plan (2019-2023) which should be implemented to improve the private security business environment.

As a member of the ICoCA, CORPGUARD confirms its willingness to promote the French expertise in the field of private security on an international scale. Through his election to the Board of Directors, David Hornus will represent the European and the UK industry in order to extend and broaden the impact of the Code of Conduct among the actors of the private security sector. Today, an increasing number of institutional and private clients require that the private security companies they work with should be members of the ICoCA. This condition gives an enhanced legitimacy to companies and is now an overriding criterion for the access to the market.

CORPGUARD is one of the three French companies to be ISO 18788 certified since July 2018. This certification attests the mastering of a security operations management system. It is focused on three key principles:

  • Employees, consultants, services providers and suppliers of CORPGUARD respect the human rights, and the international and the French legal obligations,
  • The protection of employees, consultants, services providers and clients,
  • The satisfaction of the client’s interests (confidentiality, monitoring, performance evaluation…).


Very committed to governance, CORPGUARD adheres to several national and international professional bodies that guarantee respect for the code of ethics: