Conflits prud'homaux

Gathering evidence for a dispute that goes to a civil court

Whether they relate to unjustified absenteeism, falsified sick notes, social security fraud, theft, or any other reason, employment litigation are a time-consuming and complex burden, and can result in significant financial losses for your company. Working with your solicitors, CORPGUARD will support you by helping to gather evidence admissible in court.

Each year in France, employment tribunals deal with more than 140,000 new cases. Employees who are absent without good reason, produce fake sick notes or misappropriate goods, cases involving violent behaviour or harassment… whatever their nature, disputes between employees and employers can cost the company a great deal of money, not to mention their impact on its brand image and any moral prejudice caused.

Helping you to gather evidence admissible in court

Many aspects need to be considered when a dispute goes to a civil court, especially in terms of evidence. As the employer, you will have to provide evidence of your case. However, not everything is allowed and a number of rules must be followed to ensure that your evidence is admissible.

Whatever the dispute concerned, this step of adducing evidence will see our staff working with your solicitors to track down and gather evidence, and turn it into a detailed report.
This method will enable you or your solicitors to justify your arguments or prepare an application for the appointment of a bailiff whose task will be to draft reports or establish evidence of behaviour that breaches the employee’s contractual obligations.
In addition to defending your interests before employment tribunals, the evidence gathered during our investigations may result in the case being referred to the civil judicial authorities. The aim here is to establish behaviour that constitutes an offence, characterised for example by social security fraud, unfair competition, theft, etc.