International mobility assistance

Client profile: an airframe manufacturer that is also one of the main independent providers of maintenance services for civil aviation operators. The strength of this company lies in providing profitable and bespoke solutions. The level of training of its employees and of its customer care constitute strategic resources in its business.

Context/objective: the protection of its human assets, risk management and anticipation of threats combine to form a decisive variable in the relationship of trust that the company maintains with its customers. There is a need to define the nature of risks faced by the company and its exposure to them.

Security risk for expatriate staff: the company’s senior staff required an enhancement of their basic security measures and crisis management training. The company also drew on CORPGUARD’s expertise in assessing country risks.

CORPGUARD solution implemented on the client’s behalf: expatriation assistance solution, together with deployment of our Travel Risk Briefing and Pack AMI24 services.


  • Expatriation support and training, both prior to departure and on the ground.
  • Provision of a hotline, information support and facilities for providing and gathering information round the clock.
  • Monitoring and assessment of risks relating to the company’s economic, human and information assets.
  • Raising awareness of the issues associated with expatriation, and advice on operational knowledge management.
  • Provision of information about the local culture.


  • High-level preventive intelligence gathering, including provision of an expert:
  • Advice and training for staff about to take on an expatriate assignment, covering what to do and what not to do, danger zones and a reminder of the basic everyday precautions they should take.
  • A reminder of basic security measures and provision of a “security induction” pack.
  • Raising awareness about how to react to specific situations, via training tailored to the constraints faced by the company, and to the particular characteristics of its business sector.
  • Security analyses and specific documents:
  • A daily security update with country alerts, and a daily situation review with the HR Manager.
  • Round-the-clock advice from our expert.
  • Preventive operational support measures:
  • Setting up of a news flash/email alert service for the Security Manager and the HR Manager. These contact persons were responsible for centralising information and passing it on immediately to employees.
  • The CORPGUARD expert presented an overview of the situation on the day before departure and gave them a briefing before they left. Another of our experts handled security support on the ground and supervised the security processes.
  • Setting up of a 24-hour hotline and a back-office: provision of a hotline, tailored information support and facilities for providing and gathering information round the clock.

Return on investment and results:

By providing constant support, CORPGUARD enabled the client to send its staff teams to a “degraded” theatre of operations in total safety. Our teams looked after the welfare of the client’s managers and employees at all times, and provided them with training and advice tailored to their specific concerns. A local consultant met with the client’s team of employees on the ground to take stock of the situation and to confirm the security measures that they needed to take.

By deploying its Travel Risk Briefing mechanism, CORPGUARD provided the company’s executive committee (COMEX) with information capabilities and prevention means to keep it as well-informed as possible of the situation regarding its staff posted abroad.

CORPGUARD made its on-the-ground expertise available to the client and delivered a top-class preventive service via its AMI24 product.

If a crisis situation were to arise, our teams had put in place a set of rapid reaction means: preventive crisis management measures, assistance for expatriates’ families and organising rapid repatriation means.