Safeguarding employees when they travel abroad

Against a backdrop of frequent business trips abroad, coupled with the instability present in many countries, ensuring the security of your employees on their travels is a major challenge, especially since, as their employer, you are also legally bound to look after the health and safety of your employees in all circumstances.

Since the SANOFI ruling of 7 December 2011 passed into case law, companies have had to go further than merely implementing measures to reduce risks: there is now an obligation to achieve a result in terms of guaranteeing the security of your employees. In the event of an accident, you may be held legally liable and systematic attempts will be made to find you guilty of an inexcusable fault.

Preventing the security risks associated with business travel is a very specific challenge. Numerous factors that are external to the company will need to be taken into account: the terrorism risk, the mode of transport, the political stability of the destination country, living conditions, etc.

A global solution for the security of business travel

To accompany you in meeting this security obligation, and however complex the environment in which you are operating, our staff can intervene to safeguard the business travel undertaken by your staff abroad.

Our 24/7 international mobility assistance pack is a global solution, extending from preparation of the trip to arrival on site. Depending on which country your staff are travelling to, we can be there to provide :

  • preparations prior to departure (training, information, awareness-raising among staff),
  • geolocation solutions,
  • reception services (meeting staff at the airport),
  • accompaniment (transfers),
  • secure travel (close protection).

24/7 crisis management in the event of a problem with an employee who is travelling abroad

In the event of a crisis, our 24/7 crisis management centre will provide you with emergency operational support. This service enables personnel working abroad to inform others, anticipate, warn of and report a critical situation.
In the context of solutions involving insurance policies, we can also intervene in the event of kidnapping, to help secure the release of hostages as quickly as possible.

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