Conflit social

Prevention and management of social conflict

In an economic and social context that is sometimes tense, no company is immune from the risk of a dispute blowing it off course, e.g. strikes, site blockades or even managers being held hostage… The repercussions for your company may be serious, both from a financial viewpoint and in terms of your image. CORPGUARD will help you to prevent this kind of situation arising and to deal with it if a dispute flares up.

The intervention of our social conflict and crisis management experts has already resulted in many cases of variable intensity being resolved, in complete discretion.

We offer personalised support with social risk prevention, and also in the event of a dispute:

  • holding managers hostage and violence in the workplace,
  • blackmail, extortion of money,
  • a blockade of sites or goods.

Crisis management in the event of a social conflict

Despite preventive actions being taken, a crisis may still erupt. In this case, it is important to act quickly. Our intervention revolves around several actions being taken:

  • providing the services of a consultant to accompany the creation of a Crisis Management Team (CMT) at head-office level,
  • deploying a consultant on the site of the crisis or incident (Incident Management Team – IMT), matching the requirements and nature of the crisis,
  • identifying the typology and nature of the crisis, identifying the stakeholders,
  • safeguarding persons and property,
  • liaising with the authorities and institutions, the family and the media,
  • assistance with business continuity,
  • support with emerging from the crisis.

These actions can be adapted in line with the severity of the crisis and the typology of the dispute. Our aim is to protect your company in all circumstances.

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