The escalating armed conflicts in Iraq and Syria have seen significant increases in displaced populations, who arrive in the North of the country. Refugees are admitted into camps managed by non-governmental organisations and/or international organisations. Although the refugees’ material needs always have first priority, the security situation prevailing in this geographical zone means that NGOs also have to provide protection for refugees. Corpguard dispatched a team to the scene on behalf of one of these NGOs.

Issues involved:

  • Registering, identifying and accepting refugees.
  • Defining, obeying and maintaining healthcare rules.
  • Organising and securing fresh supplies (water, food, first aid).
  • Crisis management plan in the event of an evacuation.


  • Refugee security.
  • Packaging of food and medical supplies.
  • Physical protection of the reception camp.

Methods used:

  • A site survey.
  • Drafting an audit report covering health conditions, including a site survey, recommendations, and organisational solutions.
  • Preparation of a crisis management plan to be activated when an event occurs that could jeopardise the refugees’ security: a geographical evacuation plan, training and awareness-raising for camp instructors, and a detailed alert and evacuation procedure.