Training in corporate stress management

How would your staff react in a crisis situation? Are employees who are travelling to at-risk countries or are exposed to potentially complex situations prepared for dealing with stress? At CORPGUARD, we can help your staff to react in an emergency without allowing their stress to overwhelm them, so that they can make the right decisions.
Stress is far more than a vague feeling of ill-being: it is a genuine biological response to an external stimulus, whether physical, psychological or sensory. Possessing stress management skills is therefore a major advantage in a crisis situation. It is hardly surprising then, to find that they have been exploited for years by special forces, as well as a growing number of businesses.

Teaching your staff to manage stress more effectively

Our staff specialise in crisis management, and will show you how to teach your employees to achieve a greater level of self-knowledge and to channel their stress. We can also train you how to set up a crisis management team in the event of an emergency (e.g. a labour dispute, a major disaster on a site, a serious event occurring abroad, etc.).

Our training courses, in the form of seminars, practical exercises and team building, can be tailored to meet your objectives and your budget.

Seminars on how to manage complex situations

On a one-day training course, our experts will explain the various mechanisms involved in the phenomenon that is stress, before placing your staff in very specific situations: driving in a difficult environment, passing check-points, first-aid courses in a hostile environment, etc. The aim is to experiment with concrete and realistic case studies involving complex situations, to see how people behave.
This training is particularly suitable for persons whose jobs entail high levels of responsibility or significant risks.

Training in corporate crisis management

This type of half-day training course is aimed at executives who hold positions of strategic importance in your company. It is run by two Corpguard staff members (an analyst and an operational staff member).
Putting forward one or more concrete case studies, this corporate crisis-management training course shows how a crisis management team is set up and operates.