Security and vulnerability audit of sensitive sites, prevention of hostile intrusions

Client profile: a major account in the chemical industry, and a leading supplier of industrial gases.

Intervention context: in the wake of the riots in outlying urban areas of France in 2005, which jeopardised the physical integrity of some industrial sites, this client commissioned audits to check the robustness of the security measures in place to protect its installations.

Security risk: mission to check internal compliance standards, conducted via external audits on several sites in France, evaluating the security and resilience levels of installations in the face of external threats and possible acts of aggression and subversion.

Managerial risk: a conflict situation involving the company in confrontations (social unrest), with a high potential for collateral damage and systemic risks, calculating probabilities of critical situations emerging and the need to anticipate combinations of events unfolding.

CORPGUARD solution implemented on the client’s behalf: vulnerability audit & risk management solution.

Deliverable document: report submitted and feedback to Corporate Safety and Security Department.

Mission and objectives:

  • Governance support via on-site vulnerability audits and assessment of social unrest risks.
  • Production of reports and specific compliance programmes
  • Evaluation of overall policy and checking of the organisation’s key security arrangements, accompanied by preparation of corrective measures.
  • Evaluation of procedures for reacting to a disaster situation and maintaining the physical integrity of the sites involved.
  • Detection of vulnerabilities and assessment of robustness levels of the production facilities.
  • Identification of societal risks facing the company’s assets.

Mission length: 4/5 days per site.

Return on investment and results:

CORPGUARD’s involvement delivered the following results:

  • Mapping of sites and on-site threats, to feed data into the major account crisis management system via information-gathering, consolidation of procedures and upgrading of systems.
  • Optimising and rationalising the company’s internal monitoring system.
  • Supporting site managers with change management.

CORPGUARD provided support to Group entities in the areas of employee protection in the workplace and protection of infrastructure on the sites inspected.