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David Hornus

Founder and CEO

David is an economic security and risk management expert, and for over 15 years, has been committed to protecting the interests of his clients and helping them to carry out successful development projects.
His work has taken him to major crisis zones around the world: South-East Asia, the Caucasus, the Balkans, Africa, the Maghreb and the Middle East.

David works as a Kidnapping and Ransom negotiator, operating in the context of insurance policies issued by one of the leading risk management companies. He has a postgraduate degree in Economic Intelligence Strategy from the ESLSCA’s School of Economic Warfare and an International Business degree from EM Lyon.

David founded CORPGUARD in 2006, and has been its CEO ever since.

Jessica Chimenti

Operations Manager, Compliance Officer

Jessica, who is of Italian origin, holds a Masters degree in international relations from the University of Bologna. She also graduated with an Executive MBA degree in risks management, international security and cybersecurity from the Economic Warfare School in Paris (in French “École de Guerre Économique du groupe Paris ESLSCA Business School”).

Jessica joined CORPGUARD in September 2018 where she is in charge of the management of transversal operations for which she provides the back office. She is also supervising the Travel Security cell. As an Operations Manager, Jessica’s role is to identify, set up and control the application of ethical and governance standards within the company.


The values that inspire us here at CORPGUARD are much more than simply ethical considerations. They underpin all of our working methods and shape how we approach all of our missions.

Availability, responsiveness and maintaining a close client relationship lie at the heart of our business culture. These values ensure that interpersonal relations are placed at the centre of our dealings with clients and service providers alike.

We offer personalised support that is uniquely tailored to each structure and its challenges.

Our goal
To guide all of our clients in the pursuit of their ambitions and to develop dynamic solutions that meet each particular situation.
On 9 November 2010, in Geneva, CORPGUARD was one of the first 50 private security companies to sign the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers (ICoC),


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