Risks analysis and assessment

Our teams can lead security audits in your company to protect your employees, equipment/ establishment, and informations

Comprehensive security audits to identify any security breaches

The consequences of a security breach like an intrusion into your premises, an attack on one of your sites in a sensitive country or an act of malicious intent can be disastrous, at both human and financial level.

CORPGUARD INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS provides companies the services of its risk analysis experts, within the framework of comprehensive security audits:

  • Analysis of your business and the specific risks it faces,
  • Organisational audits,
  • Identification of potential threats,
  • Intrusion tests on your sites,
  • IT security audits,
  • Analysis of human, technical and procedural weaknesses.

Safeguarding sensitive sites

These audits enable us to identify any security breach presented by your installations, to put forward appropriate mitigation recommendations, and to provide support with their implementation.

We intervene on all types of critical infrastructures, both in France and abroad: industrial, commercial, educational and healthcare installations, and government sites.

Personalised support to enhance your company’s security

Our staff will be posted to your installations, so that they can identify and assess the risks, map the threats posed, assess and optimise the measures already in place, and accompany you in the task of implementing appropriate security measures. To this end, a report setting out our findings and recommendations, and the changes we advise you to make, will be submitted at the end of the mission.

The solutions we propose will take into account the human, financial and material limitations that you have to work with.