Our processes

In order to overcome the challenges and changes linked to the governance and social responsibility of security companies, CORPGUARD’s management team has chosen to put into place a new private security operations management system, in line with the demands and directives of the ISO 18788 standard.
CORPGUARD’s goal is to satisfy the demands of its clients and partners, increase its performances and influence. This is possible thanks to the implementation of continuous improvement procedures, which ensure the company’s sustainability.

In order to set up the new private security operations management system, CORPGUARD’s management team desires that each and every contractor contributes to the respect and implementation of the directives established by the ISO 18788 international standard.

This standard provides a strict management framework for the activities and risks of organizations conducting or subcontracting security operations as well as update, develop and improve the management of security operations and demonstrate that the organization:


Conducts security operations in a professional way for purposes of to meet the client’s and any third party’s requirements


Respects the law and human rights


Conducts its action in line with its national and international engagements

The ISO 18788 standard applies to all organizations operating in countries with weak governance and where the law can be challenged by natural or human caused events.

In addition, CORPGUARD’s management team is committed to put at your disposal all of their resources in order to reach the established objectives.
CORPGUARD pays much attention to the satisfaction of its clients, the respect of international standards and conventions. They are fundamental and guide our internal processes, allowing continuous improvement.

Finally, the CORPGUARD director is elected to the governing board Committee of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers’ Association (ICoCA), as a representative of private security service providers’ in Europe and Great Britain.

The purpose of ICoCA is “to promote, govern and oversee the implementation of the International Code of Conduct and to promote the responsible provision of security services and respect for human rights and international law in accordance with the Code”.


CORPGUARD has established procedures that allow its employees and all stakeholders to report any potential violation of the rules set out in its Code of Ethics, the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Companies (ICoCA).

Reports relating to Code violations – ICoCA can be sent confidentially, 24/7 to the following email: compliance@corpguard.com

CORPGUARD, through the “Compliance” department, will respond to any request as soon as possible and provide a detailed response within 10 days.
In accordance with the regulations on the protection of whistleblowers, reports will be treated confidentially, ensuring the anonymity of sources.

In the event of a report, the Corpguard Group undertakes to:

  • Take into account any report as soon as possible
  • Acknowledge receipt of the report
  • Protect the anonymity of sources and prevent any act of retaliation
  • Impartially assess the relevance of the report
  • Expedite an internal / external investigation
  • Collect the evidence and testimony that may be made available to the courts
  • Inform the hierarchical chain / competent authorities, take appropriate disciplinary measures in compliance with the legal framework
  • Implement corrective actions

Finally, any reports relating to violations of human rights, the Code (ICoCA), the laws in force in the countries where we operate or the internal rules of the company CORPGUARD can be directly reported to ICoCA.