Special Risks Managment (KER)

Each year, 30,000 kidnappings are committed worldwide. In 99% of these cases, the perpetrators’ motives are purely financial. This practice no longer concerns only businessmen and personalities, but all expatriate or seconded workers.

As an employer, you have a legal obligation to achieve a result in terms of ensuring the security of your employees. In this context, you may have to take out insurance cover for any employees who are affected by risks of kidnapping or ransom demands during the course of foreign missions or travel.

CORPGUARD, partner of a world leader in Risk Management

In order to cover this risk, which has become very acute in some countries, some insurance companies have adapted and now offer “special risks” policies providing operational support for company staff. One such company is Tokio Marine HCC, a global market leader in the risk management field. CORPGUARD acts as a member of the Crisis Management Team of the insurer’s sole operational partner: the Unity Advisory Group.

Our “special risks” activities are undertaken solely within the legal framework of these insurance-based solutions.

Supporting companies if an employee is kidnapped or detained for arbitrary reasons

Our main task is to facilitate the release of hostages as rapidly as possible. In concrete terms, our intervention involves :

  • Providing ongoing assistance and support to the company, the victim and their family,
  • Performing preliminary investigations, identifying the parties involved,
  • Safeguarding other members of the company and/or the family,
  • Making contact with all stakeholders and the local authorities with a view to bringing the crisis to an early conclusion,
  • Advising or assisting the person in charge of negotiations if required,
  • Acting as an interface between the stakeholders involved in the crisis until it comes to an end,
  • Handing over the ransom.

You haven’t taken out insurance cover for special risks?

If a “special risks” insurance policy has not been taken out, we can offer our clients an intervention plan that is updated at regular intervals and includes a financial assessment (Task ConOps). The cost of mobilising our operational staff will then be billed directly to the company, at the end of the mission.

Our crisis management team can provide emergency operational support in complex, unstable or dangerous environments. Companies who rely on us for support therefore can rest assured that they will be able to contact a security expert at any time of day or night.

In this context, we provide the following services:

  • a hot line,
  • crisis management & communication,
  • operational intervention within the framework of “special risks” insurance policies,
  • business continuity plan and support with returning to normality.