CORPGUARD INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS offers Business intelligence solutions for companies.

In wich case should you need the intervention of a business intelligence expert?

Companie’s international development, business environnement analysis, competitive and business intelligence, lobbying, influencing strategy, global actors mapping…

Because we are experts in business intelligence, we use the methodology of the intelligence cycle in order to offer a holistic and a cross-cutting way of collecting data and performing analysis, from the strong-value-added information exploitation to its release.

Our areas of intervention are:

  • International business development
  • Compliance to laws and regulations such as the Sapin II law, which aims at promoting economic transparency and fighting against corruption,
  • Competitive intelligence, along with reputational and security surveillance,
  • Influence lobbying and business diplomacy

Why should you choose our expertise?

The head of CORPGUARD INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS holds a post graduate certificate in business intelligence strategy delivered in 1999 by the School of Business War (Ecole de Guerre Economique de Paris).

Worldwide/global presence footprint

Because of its ISO 18788 standard, Corpguard Intelligence Solutions relies on on a higly qualified partners network. Partnership agreements have been concluded with third parties all around the world. They are regular partners with which we maintain an operational relationship. 


Business intelligence : investigation services


Compliance and monitoring Sapin II law


Due diligence and Recruitment process

Influence strategy and lobbying