Leveraging over 14 years of risk management experience, Corpguard has developed a training service to give your business an edge. The training programs are specially designed to be adapted to your needs and expectations. To enable executives and contributors to face any situation, our training is provided by highly qualified consultants, chosen for their expertise in specific areas.

Corpguard’s offer is to provide adapted and modular solutions according to customer requirements and in accordance with the high-quality standards to which the company is committed.


Our expertise: 

  • Lead custody and criminal responsibility: we train you on the rights and law enforcement to solve a crime situation, to be prepared for a corporate communication and community outreach interviews, to help you to understand the jurisdictional processes and which posture and management style to adopt in such a situation.
  • Training in the prevention and management of sexual harassment and violence in the workplace: we train you to understand, detect, prevent and manage the first signs of harassment and sexual violence in the workplace.
  • First aid training: gestural first aid training adapted to executives likely to travel in hostile environments.
  • Training in hostile environment and high-risk negotiation: training in negotiation techniques and interaction with unknown target people (prospects, experts, competitor). Training is provided by an expert from GIGN forces
  • Elicitation training: this course is designed for managers and employees who need to improve their negotiation skills. Elicitation techniques allow you to collect critical and valuable information that helps decision-making and finding solutions. Our methods are inspired by the Phoenix Consulting Group, a subsidiary of DynCorp International. The objective of this training is to give you the strategic tools for gathering information, allowing you to detect and thwart the techniques of adverse influence.
  • Crisis management, course given in English or French: we help you to prevent the risks, build a corporate crisis communication strategy and advise you in the implementation of tailor-made solutions. This training offers you a holistic approach of the crisis management and recovery.
  • Safety and travel security training: the training aims to make managers and employees aware of the hostile environment in which they may evolve during their visits to high-risk countries. Depending on the countries and the risks to which your employees will be exposed, our solutions are designed to respond to all security threats.
  • Security manager: this training allows you to know the weaknesses of your business in order to identify and prevent the risks and impacts of the threat on your company.
  • Analysis and prevention of community behavior: this training helps you to understand, detect and prevent the warning signs of hostile behavior in the workplace. Sensitize leaders to the risks of radicalization and to criminal intentions through observation and analysis of behavior.

Why should you choose Corpguard? 

Through a pedagogic and professional approach, Corpguard offers to the executives and collaborators tailor-made training, adapted to any situation or need. Leveraging on the trainer’s diverse expertise, our effectiveness is based on both operational and academic methods. 

Corpguard is very involved in governance, as a member of the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) for private security actors (companies, non-governmental organizations, governments). The association is based on respect for Human Rights and International Law, recognizing the ISO 18788, ISO 23007 and PSC1 standards.

As a member of the ICoCA, Corpguard recognizes and respects quality standards in order to meet the requirements of human rights and international rights. In addition, Corpguard is very committed to a results-oriented culture.