Accompaniment for a trade delegation visiting a danger zone

Client profile: a French business leaders’ organisation.

Intervention context: providing security for a delegation of business leaders from the metalworking sector during a trip to Algeria.

Economic and environmental security risks: following a significant rise in the number of terrorist attacks, the client wanted to make all necessary security arrangements to guarantee the physical integrity of everyone taking part in this trip.

Risk management was needed at two levels:

  • Security arrangements for business leaders in high-risk areas.
  • Support for the process of doing business, via the creation of a secure negotiating environment.

CORPGUARD solution implemented on the client’s behalf: an assistance and accompaniment solution to promote business development.

Mission and objectives:

accompaniment for a delegation of business leaders attending a trade fair in Algeria.

  • Raising awareness of security issues in high-risk areas.
  • Raising awareness of economic and competition-related risks in Algeria.
  • Taking care of and accompanying the delegation throughout the trip.
  • B-to-B support.
  • Putting in place preventive operational support and rapid repatriation solutions for the delegation in the event of a crisis.

Return on investment and results:

CORPGUARD deployed its Risk Manager in Algiers and its local security partner to carry out this support mission. Our staff welcomed the delegation and escorted and supported the representatives on their travels.

On arrival in Algiers, the delegation was given a 1½-hour security briefing to make the participants aware of the specific security and business context in which their visit was unfolding.

CORPGUARD made its expertise in the area of expatriation assistance available by putting in place a hotline and its Travel Risk Briefing services.

CORPGUARD also developed the necessary means of communication for monitoring negotiations between France and Algeria. This mechanism enabled the secure exchange of information and real-time monitoring of security developments round the clock.

CORPGUARD mobilised its resources and know-how to accompany the business leaders and support them in their trade negotiations by playing an active advisory role and establishing a calm negotiating environment. CORPGUARD contributed to the successful achievement of the participants’ business objectives.