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David HORNUS fondateur de CORPGUARD lance le podcast CheckPoint - Episode 1

CheckPoint – Since 2006, CORPGUARD’s management and consultants have been mobilizing their expertise in corporate security for their clients. Today,  we are pleased to share more than 15 years of experience with a large audience.

Many of you, clients, business leaders, prospects, academics, students … ask us about our core business, our backgrounds, our operating methods and our private security services. It is to provide answers those questions that CORPGUARD now invites you to follow the CheckPoint podcast to immerse yourself with our guests in the world of safety and private security.

Through expert’s testimonials, CheckPoint will allow you to discover the various and sometimes undiscovered aspects of our activities. Crisis management, negotiation, economic intelligence, close protection, international security … so many topics that will be discussed among other subjects.

CHECKPOINT #1 – SHownote

In this first episode of CheckPoint, David HORNUS, Founder and Director of CORPGUARD will discuss with his guests on the following topics:

  • Global Security and the white paper “Territorial contribution to the global security continuum in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region” ;
  • The role of ICoCA (International Code of Conduct Association) in promoting responsible private security;
  • The current situation in South Africa, seen by a “field” expert in private security;
  • An exceptional feedback on the events that occurred at Cabo Delgado in March 2021.

CHECKPOINT #1 – Guest Speakers

 Maître Jean-Baptiste JUSOT : Founder et Director – Convictio Legal

Convictio Legal is a law firm dedicated to public affair, lobbying and influence based in Lyon. His founder Jean-Baptiste jusot is a lobbyist lawyer. He supports he assists is clients in defending their interests by seeking to adapt standards and laws in compliance with ethics and deontology.

Jamie WILLIAMSON : Executive Director – International Code of Conduct Association 

Executive Director, The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers’ Association, working at the crossroads of security and human rights.

Vincent SWARDT: Fondateur – Saraband Solutions Pty Ltd (Johannesburg)

Mr. SWARDT is a Crisis Response, Risk and Investigative Consultant, founder of Saraband Solutions, a private security company based in Johannesburg which scope of intervention is Austral Africa. Vince is a recognize expert in the field of corporate security.


After 18 years as a non-commissioned officer in the most famous special forces unit of the French Navy, Pedro joined the private security sector and has been operating as a contractor for 20 years. He was deployed in Iraq at the start of the war in 2003/2004, then he spent nearly 15 years in Africa, mainly in Portuguese-speaking countries. He was recently operating in Mozambique.

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Checkpoint #1