GROUPE CORPGUARD and its companies confirm their ISO 18788 certification and obtain ISO 9001 and PSC.1 certifications

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Following an assessment carried out by MSS Global, the British certification body GROUPE CORPGUARD confirms its ISO 18788 certification issued by APAVE in July 2018, and obtains ISO 9001 and PSC.1 certifications.

The normative framework of these international standards certifies: the effectiveness of the management system of security operations (SMOS-ISO 18788), the quality management system (ISO 9001) and the assurance of quality management (ANSI / ASIS PSC.1-2012) set up by GROUPE CORPGUARD.

The assessment of the conformity and performance of GROUPE CORPGUARD’s Integrated Management System (IMS) carried out by MSS GLOBAL on these three standards followed one approach: PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT.


  • Definition of the operational framework (PLAN): context, needs and requirements, definition of risk criteria, definition of the scope of application; risk assessment, legal requirements, risk management strategy.
  • Implementation and execution of operational activities (DO): operational control, skills, communication, role and responsibilities, prevention and management of undesirable or disruptive events.
  • Performance assessment (CHECK): assessment of conformity and system performance, exercises and tests, internal audits, management review.
  • Commitment of resources, commitment to continuous improvement (ACT).

These certifications prove the commitment of GROUPE CORPGUARD and its employees to the promotion of responsible security services, to compliance with best practices and legal obligations in terms of private security and to the protection of human rights, to which MSS GLOBAL at special attention.

As part of a virtuous approach to governance in accordance with international humanitarian law and human rights, GROUPE CORPGUARD adheres to the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA – Genève) thus guaranteeing the compliance of its operations and procedures with the International Code of Conduct.

Founded in 2006, the Lyon-based company becomes the 3rd French ESSD (Entreprise de Sécurité et de Services de Défense) to hold all of the ISO 18788, ISO 9001 and PSC1 certifications, thus confirming its status as an international player in security and business security.